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732-291-5533   67 First Avenue  Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Regional Cooking from the Memphis Area

Come see us, our goal is fast and friendly service and wonderful food in a whimsical homey atmosphere!

est. 1985

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Strawberry Pie Chocolate

Take a look at our menu and you’ll see we also offer an array of seafood and Black Angus steaks we cut ourselves.


Our 40-item salad bar is the best in the state!


We prepare all but a few items in-house, according to southern family recipes in use for many generations.


Our original intent was to offer generous portions at reasonable prices so the customer could “pig out!"


But a funny thing happened along the way.


In addition to our core customers, we have developed a faithful following of vegetarians and calorie counters.


The salad bar can be a meal in itself,

or accompanied by our vegetarian lasagna or grilled chicken,

can be just the ticket for a broader range of appetites.

Connie and Mark


We came to Atlantic Highlands 32 years ago with the intent to introduce Memphis-style regional cooking to the Bay Shore area.

We specialize in ribs and chicken cooked over hickory similar to the way it’s been done in Memphis for hundreds of years.

According to Joan Hamburg, we make the best ribs in New Jersey.

We are Mark and Connie Strassburg,

owners of The Memphis Pig Out Restaurant.



We are a family restaurant, kid friendly. We have high chairs, booster chairs, crayons, our version of chicken nuggets, and very strong vacuum cleaners.

(There is also vodka for parents.)




Then there are the homemade desserts:

Tennessee Hot Fudge Cake and Fresh Strawberry Pie.



Years ago, Gourmet magazine requested the recipe for the strawberry pie to publish in its magazine.



Sun, Wed, Thurs

4pm – 8:30 or 9pm


Fri, Sat

4 pm – 9:30 or 10pm


Closed Mon and Tues until summer

  Available for private parties


If in doubt, call 732-291-5533